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My name is Kim Young and I have been working in live theatre for over 30 years. I have two decades of experience teaching young children in a classroom and many more years of directing them on a stage. I have worked as a preschool Performing Arts and Music Director, as well as a preschool classroom teacher. I am also the very proud founder and director of Pint Sized Playhouse. As a performer, I have acted professionally in productions all over the country including California and off Broadway in New York. I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring Pint Sized Playhouse to your little one, as this program is fueled by both my passion for live theatre and my heartfelt love for sharing it with children! I have a very special commitment to this program, because I was in MY first play when I was a preschooler, 30 years ago! I was a very proud flying monkey in the “mini” version of The Wizard of Oz! Looking back on that performance, my memory of it is so magical! I remember it as if it were a Broadway show. I remember lights, costumes, singing and dancing. In my mind it was SO HUGE! Now from an adult perspective, I realize it couldn’t possibly have been quite as large as I remember. (Oh, if only we had a Broadway budget to work with!) But the magic of it certainly was! I hope to give your child those same memories. I want them to feel like the little stars that they are! Pint Sized Playhouse is a young intro to live theatre, working on vocal projection, character building, creativity, teamwork and public speaking. Each Playhouse session brings a new production as well as different lessons and activities and I welcome your little actor to participate again and again!


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